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How can I use my own experience to help others? This is a question I asked myself as I embarked on my journey as fit4za.


When I first started my Instagram page, I mimicked those around me in the fitness industry only posting pictures that were staged, posed and shot in good lighting making me appear healthy and lean. I wanted to look my best because I thought no one would take me seriously without looking shredded. With these types of posts bringing me little fulfillment I began to reflect on the message I wanted to leave when people stumbled upon my page.


I realized that we all need a little more reality in our lives. More of the day in and day out stuff. More of the messy moments. More of the life is never perfect moments. So I decided to create the #LetsGetReal movement to inspire and empower other women to get real with not only themselves but with the world. This movement is about getting real and showing the world that we don’t always wake up looking perfect. That we don’t always have abs. That we are more than just our body. That we are imperfectly perfect beautiful human beings. 


I challenge you to join the #LetsGetReal movement today and show the world your real.

Honored to showcase these women who have joined the movement!